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Fire Worship in Hinduism - Importance of Fire or Agni in Hindu Religion

Fire or Agni is one of the important gods in Hinduism. Agni is widely mentioned in the Vedas. The most widely accepted belief is that it is Agni who carries the offering made by human beings to the gods. All the offerings made in a yajna are carried to the gods by Agni. It is again the fire god who brings down the blessing of the gods. Hindus have been performing fire worship from time immemorial and if of great importance in the Hindu religion.

Importance of Fire or Agni in Hindu Religion

As per the Vedas, Agni has three forms – sun, lightning and fire on earth.

Rig Veda states that Sun deposits its luster with Agni before setting and Agni returns it in the morning. This is also one reason why a lamp is lit in the morning and evening in Hindu homes.

It is believed in Hinduism that the visible God is Sun (Surya) and fire is His representative on Earth. This is the reason Agni is invoked during all prayers from birth to death of a living being in Hindu Religion. When Agni is the witness to any event there is purity to that event; because Agni purifies whatever it touches.