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Hindu Temple Bell Rules – Number of Times a Bell Should Be Rung in Hindu Temple

Ringing of bells is an important practice in a Hindu Temple. Currently majority of Hindus do not follow any rule regarding number of times a bell should be rung in the temple. But there are rules for the strokes of the bell.

One stroke of the bell indicates moksha or salvation. It is performed by devotees whose sole prayer is self realization.

Number of Times a Bell Should Be Rung in Hindu Temple

Two strokes is enjoyment. Thanksgiving for desires fulfilled etc.

Three strokes are for achievement of materialistic desires. A devotee strikes the bell three times when he prayers for fulfillment of various desires.

During puja when lamp alone is lit one needs to stroke the bell only a single time.

When incense is waved, lamp is lit and food is offered the bell should be stroked two times.

It must be noted that today most devotees ring bells in temple as an invitation to gods or to garner attention of the deity or announce the presence of the devotee. Therefore, no rules are followed regarding stroking the temple bells.