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Panchamrutha Abhishekam in Hinduism – Importance – How To Perform Panchamrita Offering to Hindu Gods and Goddesses

Panchamrutha abhishekam is an important offering of five items to Hindu Gods and Goddesses. Offering of panchamrutha in Hinduism helps a devotee earn merits which leads to desire fulfillment. The five items are milk, yogurt, clarified butter, honey and sugar or sugarcane juice. They are known as five nectars – pancha means five and amrita means nectar. They are poured on the murti (idol) of the deity. Panchamrutha abhishekam of Shiva is mentioned in the Ajita Agama and it helps in quick desire fulfillment.

How To Perform Panchamrita Offering to Hindu Gods and Goddesses

How To Perform Panchamrutha Offering to Hindu Gods and Goddesses

The five items of Panchamrita are to be placed in different vessels in front of the deity. 

Measurement of Five Items

The five items are to be of equal quantity. The quantity prescribed in scriptures is 1 Prastha (768 grams). The quantity should never be less than 1/4th of a prastha – not less than 192 grams.

The five items should always be offered after chanting the important mantra dedicated to the deity.

Position of Each Item in Panchamrutha

The vessel containing milk should be placed in the middle; yogurt should be placed in the east, clarified butter in the south, honey in the west and sugar or sugarcane juice in the north.

The five items in Panchamrutha are first poured on the deity separately. The five items are not completely poured. The remaining portion of five items are mixed together and poured over the deity.