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Deva Asura Fight in Hindu Scriptures – Symbolic Meaning in the Never Ending Fight Between Gods and Demons in Hinduism

Often we read in Puranas descriptions of fighting between Devas and Asuras. Sometimes the Devas get the better, sometimes the Asuras. There is a symbolic meaning in the never ending fight between gods and demons in Hinduism.

Symbolic Meaning in the Never Ending Fight Between Gods and Demons in Hinduism

They Devas and Asuras should be taken to be the representatives of two opposite forces — spiritual and material.

Since time immemorial fight has been going on between these two opposite forces in different planes of Nature. But this struggle is most marked in the human plane.

In man sometimes spiritual forces rise supreme and sometimes the material.

The first conquest of the spiritual over the material has always been the beginning of religion.

Religion does not consist in filling the mind with unhealthy, weak, sensational ideas, or in committing to memory all the philosophies of the world, or in getting some supernatural power, but in bringing the real man out by manifesting the divinity potential in all.

SourceAn article by Swami Prakashananda in Prabuddha Bharata August 1903.

The fight symbolically represents fight between real and unreal; permanent and impermanent; ignorance and self realization.

It must be noted here that many Asuras (demons) have confessed that they know what they are not doing right but are not able to defeat the tamasic quality in them. The Deva Asura fight is the fight that is constantly going inside a human being – the fight between Sattva and Tamas.

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