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Story of Ganesha as Vighneshwara – Lord of Obstacles - How Ganesha Became Vighnahara? - Removes Obstacles

Ganesha is Vighnahara and also Vighneshwara – the one who removes obstacles and also one who creates obstacles. Ganesh is believed to have appeared as Sri Vigneshwara at Ojhar. There is a popular story which narrates how Ganesha came to be known as Vighneshwara.

Legend has it that Maharaja Abhinandana, King Hemavati, performed a great sacrifice (yajna) which had the power to overthrow Indra. Kala was deputed by Indra to destroy the yajna.

How Ganesha Became Vighnahara? - Removes Obstacles

Kala appeared as Vighnasura and stopped the sacrifice of the king of Hemavati but also started disrupting all other sacrifices.

This led to rise of Adharma and all kinds of unimaginable atrocities on earth. To vanquish Kala, saints and people approached Ganapati.

To defeat Vighnasura, Ganpati was born as the son Parsva and Dipavatsala.

When Vighnasura came to know about the birth of Ganesha, he knew he could not defeat Ganesh. So he surrendered unconditionally before Ganapati.

Vighnasura asked Ganesha to take his name as his own. Ganesha agreed and gave Kala the permission that he can disrupt all those works that are started without remembering Him (Ganapati).

Thus Ganesha came to be known as Vighneshwara and Vighnaraja.