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Udyapan for Ahoi Ashtami Vrat – Ujaman of Ahoi Mata Ashtami Fasting

Below is the procedure for Udyapan for Ahoi Ashtami Vrat. Ujaman is performed after Ahoi Ashtami fasting. Woman can perform this Udyapan of Ahoi Ashtami Vrat after marriage to wish god to bless them for healthy children.

Ujaman of Ahoi Mata Ashtami Fasting

Women who does not have children or those women whose children are not getting married should necessarily do Udyapan of this fast.

1)    Place a set of four pooris at each seven spots in a big plate
2)    Put lumps of halwa on each set of pooris
3)    Place above in a big plate.
4)    Cover it with folded pair of a yellow coloured sari and blouse topped with some money as per your financial statues. It is offered to the mother in law. It is called Bayana, the women doing Udyapan should give this Bayana to their mother in law respectably and should touch their feet to take blessing.
5)    Then apply some roli and rice on the edges of the plate
6)    Then give this plate to your mother in law respectfully and touch her feet to take her blessing.
7)    The mother in law must keep the pair of clothing and money with them and then distribute the food stuff among the people around or neighbours or send it to the house of some other girl like sisters or daughters.

Please note that this article was provided by a reader of the blog and might not be applicable in all regions in India. You can make necessary changes to fit into your region or community observance.