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Dakini in Hindu Religion - Semi Divine Female With Supernatural Powers

Dakini is a semi-divine female being in Hindu religion with supernatural powers. They are attendants of Rudra Shiva. They are also counted as group six shaktis or divine mothers. Dakini is also part of seven yoginis in Tantric tradition. Agni Purana refers to Dakinis as dangerous spirits.

In the Panchatrinsha Taranga of Dwadasha Lambaka of Kathasaritsagara (verse 9) Maha Bhairava is described as Dakinipriyam or lover of Dakini.

Also referred as female ghouls, they have many occult powers and are adept in tantric rituals. They are mentioned in a verse of the Gangadhar inscription dated to 423 AD.

Dakinis are of two kinds. As ferocious, malevolent, blood sucking minor goddesses they are described as attendants of Kali. Another category is of human witches who have acquired the powers of Dakinis by imbibing Dakini Vidya and performing certain esoteric rituals. Both kinds of Dakinis  are mentioned in the scriptures, Tantra works and literature.

The image is not of Dakini

The name Dakini because they can fly. She is also associated with the Muladhara Chakra. She is believed to be the Shakti or feminine force in a trance sleep. She is also associated with the Ida Nadi.

Earliest inscriptions on Dakinis suggest that they had magical powers. They had powers to stir up oceans through chants. Shiva in the form of Bhairava was worshipped by Dakinis and their followers.

In folklores, Dakinis are possessors of occult powers. They acquired it through harsh religious rituals and rites. They used their magic to turn human beings into animals, reptiles and birds.

Kathasaritasagara narrates stories of Dakinis and in it they can fly around and they eat human flesh.

There is also a Tantric Goddess known as Bhairava-Dakini.

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