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Sabarimala Temple Issue – Where Are the Real Women Devotees Who Want To Have Darshan of Lord Ayyappa

What is happening in Sabarimala temple issue now is a fight by true believers of Ayyappa against non-believers and fake liberals (antisocial and anti national forces) in the guise of Ayyappa devotees. The non-believers and so called liberals (they are everything but true liberals) are indirectly funded and supported by the present communist government and sister organizations in Kerala. So, where are the real women devotees who really want to have darshan of Lord Ayyappa.

Fake Liberals Queuing Up for Darshan

A few women who are wishing (acting) to have darshan of Ayyappa are moles of the ruling party, antisocial and anti national forces.

So far no one was able to see a true women devotee of Ayyappa earnestly wishing to have darshan in the Sabarimala Temple.

Some are coming to have darshan after putting facebook post questioning beliefs of the temple. These are mostly antisocial elements who announce themselves as liberals. Some are there for publicity.

Fake Liberals Should Stay Away From Hindu Beliefs

The so called liberals in the country have been constantly creating problems in the life of Hindu believers. They have no concrete solution to any problems other than creating confusion and chaos. Most of these liberals are funded by anti national forces and are known enemies of the state and constitution.

Sabarimala is a Hindu temple and only Hindus – believers – of Lord Ayyappa should have a say in the matter. Decisions on Sabarimala are not the prerogative of non-believers, liberals and communists. They have nothing to do with Sabarimala.

So what is happening now in Sabarimala is a straight fight between believers of Ayyappa against antisocial and anti national elements in the guise of believers. It has now turned into a political fight.

Darshan for women at Sabarimala is no longer the issue. It is now a fight by antisocial and anti national forces against Hindus.

Unexpected Resistance of Kerala Hindus

Fake liberals and the communist government were overconfident and thought that the Hindus in Kerala will meekly surrender to the Supreme Court order. The resistance that Hindus of Kerala put up against the anti-Hindu forces is commendable. The arrogance of the government and the fake liberals is crushed.

The present situation in Sabarimala is the result of the unexpected resistance put up by disconnected, disjoined and divided Hindus of Kerala. The government, fake liberals and anti national forces never expected Hindus to unite and rise against them.

Devotion Cannot Be Defined By State or Courts

Devotion in Hinduism creates miracles. Little Krishna in Udupi turned and broke temple wall to give darshan to Kanakadasa, who was denied entry by the ignorant.

So when a true women devotee truly yearns to have darshan, Ayyappa Himself will give darshan.

Every Hindu has the right to protect Sabarimala Temple from fake liberals who are at the temple for everything but for praying and having darshan of Ayyappa.

Devotion can unite and strengthen a disconnected and divided Hindu community in Kerala.

Change Inquilab Zindabad to Swami Saranam

What must be remembered here is that the so called forces eagerly promoting darshan of women at Sabarimala Temple always questioned Hindu believes. They questioned people visiting temples. They criticized Hindu believes and practices. They mocked devotees visiting Sabarimala. They question the Makaravilakku and Makara Jyothi darshan at Sabarimala. They conducted seminars against Hinduism and its beliefs. Suddenly, they want to have darshan of Ayyappa itself clearly shows the true intentions of these forces.

If communists and fake liberals have truly changed, they should next start their party congress and meetings by offering prayers to Lord Ayyappa. Instead of shouting 'Inquilab Zindabad', they should begin by chanting Swami Saranam.

Instead of the portraits of Karl Marx, Engels, Stalin and Lenin, Communist party offices should have paintings of Ayyappa, Vishnu, Shiva, Durga....

Ayyappa ...you are our only true refuge.... save us from these forces.