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Importance of Lakshmi Chalisa

Lakshmi Chalisa consists of forty verses dedicated to Goddess Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth. The Chalisa is believed to have been composed by Sundardasa.

Each verse is dedicated to praising the Goddess and the devotee wants to know when the when the goddess will remove his/her misfortunes and why is there a delay in removing the misfortunes.
Sab sukh bharani Lakshmi Amba,
Dinan par kahan karati vilamba.
Tu tribhuvan tam-nasani hari
Ho jag janni Vishnu ki pyari. 
O mother Lakshmi, you grant all happiness; what makes you delay being merciful to the helpless? O primordial source of the world, beloved consort of Vishnu, you are the dispeller of the gloom covering the three spheres!

In some verses, the goddess is compared with precious stones and other invaluable things in the world and in some her beauty is praised.
Mukut bich shishu chand virajat,
Tisar nayan bhal bich sajat.
Jhumat jhumak manin laran ki,
Sohat choli harit varan ki, 
The new moon lies resplendent amid the crown upon your head while your third eye adorns the middle of your forehead. Strings of gems from your earrings are swaying glitteringly around your neck like pendants and your green blouse looks splendid on your body.
Each verse in Lakshmi Chalisa is intended to please Goddess Lakshmi and it brings forth her different attributes and capabilities.

The Chalisa is recited in Lakshmi temples and in homes while worshipping her. There is a popular belief that constant repetition of the Lakshmi Chalisa will help a person in solving financial difficulties.