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Story of Creation Associated with Hindu God Shiva

The Kathasaritasagara narrates the story of creation associated with Shiva. Story of creation in Shaivism is different from that associated with Vaishnavism. Kathasaritasagara states once Shiva was asked in Ujjain as to why He loves skulls and cremation grounds.

Shiva then states the story of Him plucking the head of Brahma and late due to remorse deciding to roam with the skull.

But before narrating the incident, Shiva narrates the story of creation.

At the end of a cycle of creation or Kalpa, the earth is covered with water. Then to start the new cycle of creation, Shiva cuts open his thigh and drops a blood in the water which turns into an egg.

A man appears break opening the egg – He is referred as Pitamaha, the supreme father (Brahma). Shiva then creates Prakriti, the female principle.

They together then created Prajapatis, progenitors. They then gave rise to praja, living beings.

The mind of the first born is filled with pride on the act of creation. He ignores the suffering of the living beings and this infuriates Shiva who nips the head of Brahma.