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Sade Sati - Hanuman Puja – Overcome Sade Sati By Praying To Hanuman

Sade Sati is the visit of Shani Bhagavan (the baleful planet Saturn) in the horoscope of a person. When Hanuman was involved in the building of the bridge across the sea to Lanka in the Ramayana, it was time for Shani to come into Hanuman’s horoscope. This story narrates how people who are inflicted by Sade Sati can overcome it by worshipping Hanuman.

When Shani was about to enter into his life, Hanuman requested him to postpone the visit until he helped Sri Ram to regain Mata Sita. But Shani was adamant. As Hanuman had to comply with the laws of nature, he agreed Shani to enter his life and sit on his head as his hands and legs were not free.

Shani settled on the head of Hanuman and watched the proceedings of building the bridge across the sea. Hanuman started carrying huge boulders, trees and mountains on his head to the construction site.

Soon Shani found it impossible to bear the crushing load of mountains and trees. He asked Hanuman to release him. But Hanuman insisted on him staying for seven and a half years.

Shani pleaded to release him saying that staying seven and a half minutes was equal to staying for seven and a half years.

Hanuman did not want to harm Shani more and released him.

From that day onward it is believed that those who worship Hanuman will get relief from the malefic planet Shani.

The best option to overcome sade sati related problems is chant Hanuman Chalisa.

Story of Hanuman releasing Shani from Ravana's prison
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