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Story of Mahaprasad at Puri Jagannath Temple

Mahaprasad is the holy food that is offered at the Puri Jagannath Temple in Orissa. The food which is ‘prasad’ becomes Mahaprasad after it is offered to Goddess Bimala. Here is the story of the Mahaprasad offered at the Puri Jagannath Temple.

Bhagvan Sri Ram after returning to Ayodhya from exile praised the Tyaga (sacrifice) of Urmila, wife of Lakshman. He praised her for the supreme sacrifice – fourteen years she spent without her husband. He praised her for her steadfast devotion. He praised her for upholding moral values and for not creating tantrums. 

Bhagvan Sri Ram wanted to install a throne for Urmila in Ayodhya. He wanted her to sit with Him, Mata Sita and Lakshman in the Palace.

A humble Urmila with folded hands told Sri Ram that she had no desire for any throne and she only be given the opportunity to serve Him.

Moved by the piety and modesty of Urmila, Bhagvan asked her to ask any boon she wanted.

Urmila stunned everyone when she asked as boon that she should not be worshipped in future and that she wants to be only the Nivedita (Prasad) at the lotus feet of Bhagavan Sri Ram.

Sri Ram was so pleased and overwhelmed by the devotion of Urmila. He granted her the boon – He told her that in Kali Kala (present yuga), when He will be worshiped as Jagannath at Puri Temple, She will be Mahaprasad. By the fragrance and flavor of the Prasad She will be worshiped in the Kali Yuga by all people. Devotees will wait to savor the Mahaprasad. It will become part of culture and tradition. He told her that in Kaliyuga She will be worshiped as Goddess Bimala at Jagannath Temple and she will also be known as Annabrahma.

Worship of Sri Sudarshan Chakra at Puri Jagannath Temple - Chakraraj Sudarshan