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Story of Bhakti Devi and Sons – The Merits of Reading Bhagavad Purana

A symbolic story mentioned in the Padma Purana extols the merits of reading Srimad Bhagavad Purana. The story is associated with Bhakti Devi and her sons. Legend has it that Bhakti Devi and her sons who were residing in South India, decided to walk up to Gokula.

The two sons of Bhakti Devi were named Jnana and Vairagya - they remained aloof from the society. During the long walk the mother and two sons became aged.

But as soon as they entered Gokula, Bhakti Devi became young again. But her two sons remained old.

Bhakti Devi asked Sage Narada who was at the time in Gokula to turn her sons young again.

Sage Narada took the help of Sanakadi Rishis. The Rishis asked Sage Narada to read out the Srimad Bhagavata Purana to the two sons. When Narada narrated the Bhagavad Purana the sons of Bhakti Devi became young again.

This story symbolically suggests that gaining jnana and practicing vairagya should not make a person aloof from society. He should not put on the garbs of maturity and keep people out. Along with Jnana and Vairagya one should practice Bhakti too.