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Importance of Bathing in Ganga River At Varanasi in Hinduism - Why Is It Holy To Take Bath at Ganga in Varanasi?

Bathing in Ganga is considered one of the holiest acts in Hinduism. It is considered highly meritorious to take bath in Ganga at Varanasi. But what makes the holy dip at Kashi or Varanasi even more auspicious in Hinduism?

Importance of Bathing in Ganga River At Varanasi in Hinduism

Ganga River at Kashi is Uttar Vahini – flowing towards north. This makes the holy dip here highly auspicious. North is also believed to be the direction of Moksha. Himalayas are located in the North.

Another belief is that Shiva resides permanently at Kashi as Vishwanath. Therefore a holy dip at Ganga in Kashi is endowed with special merits.

It is widely believed by Hindus that a dip in Ganga at Varanasi will help in cleansing the sins committed in this birth and all the previous births. This will help in sin redemption and thus to escape from the cycle of birth and death.

A aim of every Hindu is to attain moksha or liberation. Today, this means escape from repeated births in various forms. 

The most auspicious Hindu month considered to perform holy bath at Varanasi is the month of Kartik (November – December). The most important day in the month is the Kartik Purnima or full moon day in the month.