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Niyamas – 10 observances in Hinduism for a Meaningful and Happy Life

Niyamas are 10 observances in Hinduism for a meaningful and happy life. Some scholars define the term Niyams as self restraint codes. The ten niyamas are mentioned in the Patanjali Yoga. The shloka that defines the ten Niyams is –

Siddhanta – Sravanam danam matirisvara pujanam,
Santoshah tapah astikyam hrih japasca tatha vratam.

The 10 niyamas as mentioned by the Shloka are –
  1. Siddhanta – reading, listening and contemplating to discourses of spiritual scriptures
  2. Daan or Dhanam – charity
  3. Mati – the ability to differentiate between good and evil. The courage to say NO and move only in the path of dharma.
  4. Puja – worship of God
  5. Santosha – contentment
  6. Tapa – Penance and austerities to stay in the path to Moksha or liberation
  7. Astikyam – Belief in the Supreme Truth
  8. Hri – Modesty
  9. Japa – Repetition of Mantra
  10. Vratam – Sacrifice of desires, ego, and sensual pleasures.
The Niyamas are primarily meant to discipline the thought and actions of an individual.