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Yantra for Luck - Lottery - Better Fortune

Yantra for luck, lottery and better fortune are those associated with Goddess Lakshmi, Ganesha and Kubera. There is also a special Yantra created by astrologers which is known as Bhagya Vardhak Yantra. 

One of the most popular Yantra for luck is the Ganesh Lakshmi Yantra.

A Yantra is also a visual form of mantras. The power of the mantras is captured in it.

In Ganesh Lakshmi Yantra mantras associated with Ganesha and Goddess Lakshmi are captured in it and Pran Pratishta is done.

Kuber Yantra is another popular one associated with luck. Worshipping Kuber Yantra will help in attaining profit in business, there will be gains from investments, will come into possession ancestral property, treasures hidden in property will be found and there will be luck in lottery related matters.

Those people who have family deity can also wear the Yantra of the particular deity for luck.

Please note that for the luck to change along with the Yantra, prayers, following dharma, devotion, hard work, determination and compassion are necessary.