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Garuda And The Crown Of Vishnu Stolen By Demon Virochana - Story

Legend has it that once demon Virochana visited Vaikunta, the abode of Bhagvan Srihari Vishnu. While returning back, he took with him the crown of Bhagvan Vishnu without his permission. Demon Virochana wanted to adorn the crown on the murti that he worshipped in his palace.

Garuda, the Vahana or Vehicle of Vishnu, was the first one to notice that the crown was missing. He soon came to the conclusion that demon Virochana had stolen the divine crown.

Garuda immediately flew to the netherworld. Demon Virochana was not ready to part with he crown. Garuda then overpowered the demon and retrieved the crown.

While returning with the crown, He saw a child playing flute. The divine child was Bhagwan Sri Krishna. Garuda knew that Sri Krishna was an avatar of Bhagwan Vishnu.

So he placed the divine crown on the small head of child Krishna. The crown was huge for the little head. But then a miracle happened, the crown shrunk to fit the head of little Krishna.

The belief is that the crown is still on earth and is found on the murti of Cheluvanarayana worshipped in the Melkote temple in Mandya District in Karnataka.