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Aghora Tithi – Day For Worship Of Aghora Shiva – Aghora Chaturdashi Tithi

Aghora Shiva is an unimaginably fierce form of Shiva. As per scholars Aghora means one who is not fierce but some believe the meaning is that there is none fiercer than him. Aghora tithi is observed on the Bhadrapad Krishna paksha Chaturdashi – the fourteenth day during the waning or dark phase of moon as per traditional lunar calendar followed in North India. Aghora Chaturdashi tithi 2023 date is September 13.

As per another belief the name means one who is kind to those who follow dharma and ferocious to one who practices adharma. Among the five faces of Shiva, Agohra is the middle face. The direction of Aghora is south.

It is believed that chanting the Aghora Mantra 108 times on the day will help in achieving desire fulfillment.

Aghora Mantra

Om Hreem Sphura Sphura Prasphura
Ghora Ghorathara Thanuroopa
Chad Chad Prachad Prachad
Kaha Kaha Vam Vamah
Bandha Bandha Ghataya Ghataya Hum Phat

Black form of Aghorashiva is worshipped on the day to defeat enemies and to attain special powers. Those wishing to achieve moksha or liberation offer prayers to Bhasma or ash colored Aghora Shiva. Those wishing to get desires fulfilled especially related to material items worship red-colored Aghora Shiva on Aghora Chaturdashi tithi day.