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Patient Did Not Want To Walk So Periyava Prescribed Pradakshinam – Funny Story

A patient did not want to walk and so approached Kanchi Jagadguru Sri Chandrasekharendra Saraswati Mahaswamigal (Maha Periyava) for a solution. Maha Periyava suggested to her to do Pradakshinam instead of walking. He then connected it to people fighting over Advaita and Dvaita.

Once, an overweight lady came for Maha Periyava’s Darshan. As she was very fat, she was not able to do Panchanga Namaskaram’ to Periyava. The panchanga namaskaram is done when a devotee kneels down with palms joined together or touching the feet of the revered one in front. With mixed feelings of bhakti and embarrassment, she just stood in front of Him with folded hands.

She then complained to Periyava - “I am a diabetic. Doctor has advised me to reduce my weight and for that I should walk for one hour daily. But, I am not able to walk even for ten minutes.”  “Periyava should tell me an easier method to reduce weight”.

“All these doctors are same. They will only repeat what is written in medical books, but will never look at it from the practical point of view…” Periyava remarked.

The lady was happy to hear Periyava admonish the doctors. The lady brightened up expecting that Periyava was going to tell her an easy way!

“If one wants to be healthy without any disease, one requires Bhagwan’s compassion….” said Periyava. “Is there a temple near your house?” asked Periyava

“Yes Periyava! A big Shiva temple” answered the lady.

“Good! Do six Pradakshinas daily in the morning and evening. And clean the temple with a broomstick for 100 feet daily...” said Periyava

The lady was very happy and returned home with Prasadam!

A disciple who was assisting Periyava, was struggling to control his laughter!

“Did I tell her anything wrong...?” asked Periyava!

“No Periyava! The doctor prescribed ‘walking’, and Periyava prescribed ‘Pradakshinam’……” answered the disciple!

‘Oh! Do you mean that the medicine prescribed by both of us is ‘Advaita’ and the names are ‘Dvaita’ ..?” Periyava quipped.

That is an example of Periyava’s subtle humour.