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Copper Nag Shiva Puja – Benefits And Puja Of Copper Snake Idol

Nag, or snake, is an important item while worshipping and performing puja of Bhagwan Mahadev Shiva. People make use of copper nag idol or sculpture during the puja. Here are the benefits and how to do copper nag Shiva puja?

Benefits Of Copper Nag In Shiva Puja

  • Copper Nag offering is equal to performing donation of milk or cow.
  • It is believed that the presence of copper nag will make sure that there is positive energy in the house. Evil beings or poisonous animals will not enter the house.
  • It is believed that puja of cooper snake idol daily will help in sin redemption.
  • Cooper nag worship during Shiva puja will help in solving rahu and ketu dosh in horoscope.

How to do puja with Copper Nag?

  • When Shiva puja is done at home, after offering water, bilva leaves should be offered to Shiva. Then the nag should be offered chandan and water
  • The copper nag should always be kept neat and clean.
  • After the puja the copper nag should be cleaned properly and kept near the shivling or photo of Shiva.
  • Copper nag should not be taken out or shared with others.
  • Placing copper nag near the main entrance of the house will help in keeping out all kinds of negative forces.
  • All days of shravan month is ideal of bringing copper nag to home. Monday is the auspicious day during a week to bring nag idol.