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Remedy To Mind Filled With Dejection – Sorrow – Despair In Hinduism

A state of mind filled with dejection, sorrow or despair is known as Daurmanasya in Hinduism. Daurmanasya is the opposite state of Sowmanasya, which indicates a state of mind full of inspiration, energy, peace, wholesomeness and serenity. Both these conditions of the mind are used by Patanjali in his Yogasutra.

Daurmanasya is a state which we experience whenever a desire is frustrated, a hope or an expectation is shattered, and we are confronted with an unwanted, unenjoyable situation. Sage Patanjali has called it disturbance (vikshepa).

There are five disturbances which accompany the nine obstructions that distract the mind from the path of concentration and stabilization.

The five disturbances mentioned by Sage Patanjali in Yoga Sutra (I.31) are pain, affliction, depression of mind, instability of body, irregular breathing. For overcoming the situation, Sage Patanjali recommends the practice of focusing on some object or thought (I.21) – single-minded focus on something we are passionate about.

Daurmanasya involves worrying about an impending danger or disappointing result even before it is actually experienced. This quality is seen to develop in human beings through the operation of the power of abstraction, which is the capacity to understand the implications of a situation before it actually occurs.

An individual who is excessively under the sway of desire, ambition, and emotions is more easily prone to dejection, sorrow and despair.

The only solution to this problem is realizing that all external happiness is short lived and they will create problems and unhappiness in future. Enjoy the moment without being attached. To keep the mind in focus all have a passion for something.