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Trailokya Mohana Form Of Vishnu

The Trailokya Mohana form of Lord Vishnu is similar to that of Vaikuntanatha and the faces are in the order of a man, Narasimha, Varaha and Kapila. Trailokya Mohana Vishnu rides a Garuda. But the number of hands are 16.

In six of the right hands are placed respectively, the gada, the chakra, the ankusha, the bana, his shakti and the conch. The seventh right hand is in the varada pose. In the seven hands of the left are placed the mudgara, the pasha, the dhaus, the shankha, the padma, the kamandala, the sharanga and the remaining right and left hands are in the yoga mudra poses.

Trailokya Mohana form of Vishnu is worshipped for achieving progress in work and business. It is also worshipped for protection from enemies.