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Apsaras In Hinduism

Apsaras or divine damsels are an important part Hinduism. Ancient treatises like Chitrasutra of Vishnudharmottara Purana, Manasollasa, Aparajita Parichha, Amara Kosha and many such works refer to the various forms and names of the Apsara.

Apsaras are known by different names like Devangana, Gandharva Kannikas, Salabhanjika, Madanika, etc.

In sculptures in temples Apsaras are represented as standing and entertaining the divinities in attractive postures, holding fruit baskets, fly whisks, flags, flowers, musical instruments, and singing and dancing in many imaginative and graceful postures.

Puranas and epics have interesting stories about the genre of demigods. The Apsaras were used by the Gods to seduce rishis and kings to have control on earth.

The Puranic lore speaks about their dancing and musical skills. Temples being symbolic of the world of God, these figures form part of that world. They not only embellish the temple, but also create a spiritual ambience.