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Story Of Sadasiva Brahmendra And Severed Hand

Sadasiva Brahmendra is the author of some well-known musical compositions which are both short and sweet. They contain authentic expositions of Advaita as well as deeply meaningful hymns in praise of Sri Rama and Sri Krishna. These songs reflect his spiritual status. However, a study of his life is as interesting as it is valuable, for any seeker. For, Sadasiva Brahmendra belonged to the highest order of yogis.

Once, in keeping with his usual habit of roaming at will without any material purpose in mind, Sadasiva happened to pass through the zenana (harem) of a Muslim ruler. Of course he was naked. The king grew furious at this, unsheathed his sword and struck at Sadasiva on the shoulder. One hand was severed immediately and came down crashing. There was heavy loss of blood. Sadasiva however went on walking, thoroughly unconcerned.

The sultan was stunned at this and realised immediately that he had attacked and wounded a truly holy man, without any justification. Overcome by remorse he ran after the saint, prostrated before him and asked his forgiveness. Sadasiva Brahmendra replied in general terms stating that there was neither a sinner nor anyone who was sinned against. There was nothing to be forgiven at all.

But the sultan persisted in his point that he had committed a sin. Pressed to explain, he related the incident that had just happened and produced the severed hand of Sadasiva. Only then did the latter realise that his hand had been severed!

There upon he simply held the severed hand to his shoulder; it went back into position as if nothing had happened. The saint then walked away.