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Never Neglect the Spiritual Routine

When we talk of a spiritual journey, it is presumed that we have a fixed ideal. For, without an ideal to follow, there is no question of going forward; we simply remain at the mercy of our senses, our lower nature.

Keeping the ideal in mind, amidst the multifarious duties of life, becomes possible only if we have a fixed routine. Inability to maintain this routine is an indication that we are sliding away from the spiritual ideal.

Emphasizing that steadfast adherence to a routine is most essential for a spiritual life, Swami Brahmananda advises, ‘Make a routine of everything. “I shall meditate so long, repeat mantram so many times, study for so much time, and sleep so many hours.” With an irregular life you cannot be successful in any work.’

Many sadhakas slip away from the path by neglecting their spiritual routine. Among the main things in the daily routine that a sadhaka should strictly adhere to are the timing and duration of his japa/meditation/scriptural study, the timing and duration of his sleep, and the timing and quantity of his food intake.

Source Vedanta Kesari September 2017