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Parisahas – Hardships Undertaken By Jain Monks

Parisahas or Parikshas are hardships undertaken by Jain monks to reach the highest goal. These include endurance of hardships consequent on hunger, thirst, cold, heat, insect bite, minimal clothing, unfavorable environmental conditions, the presence of the opposite sex, moving from place to place, disadvantages concerning habitats, uncomfortable beddings, taunts and reproaches, personal injury, alms taking, disappointment in the taking of alms, disease, thorn pricks, physical impurities, being indifferent to praise, avoidance of pride of learning, avoidance of pain, realization of one’s ignorance and the avoidance of being cast down for not being able to acquire the right vision into the metaphysics of the ideal. 

With such endurances, one is able to achieve progress on the spiritual path.