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Being The Mirror - Self Liberation Teachings

When we say that we have knowledge or we have discovered our real nature and we are in this nature that means that we are “being” the mirror. You see, “being” the mirror or “looking” in the mirror are two completely different things. If we “are” the mirror, then we have no concept of dualistic vision.

If a reflection manifests in the mirror, why is it manifesting? There are two reasons. One is because the mirror has the capacity to manifest infinite reflections. This is its qualification.

The other reason is that when there is an object and the mirror has the capacity to manifest, that is normal, but the mirror has no idea of checking or accepting this object for reflecting. The mirror doesn't need any program for that. This is what is called its qualification or infinite potentiality.

In the same away, we have infinite potentiality but we are ignorant of that. When we are ignorant of our real nature, then we always have the consideration that “I am here” and “the object is there”, "I am looking and seeing an object", etc. We never discover that we are like a mirror. And if we never discover this, then of course there is no way that we can become the mirror. But when we discover that, then there is a possibility that we will be the mirror.

When you are the mirror, then you have no problems with reflections; they can be big, small, nice, ugly, any kind; the reflections are only a manifestation of your qualification. When you have no problems of reflections, then that means Self-Liberation. You are not changing or transforming something, you are only being in your real nature.

You can understand this if you are really being the mirror. Whether there is a nice or ugly reflection, there is no difference for you. When you are in your real nature there is no change at all. That is the real meaning of Self-Liberation.

Source“Dzogchen: The Path of Self-liberation” article published on The Mountain Path 1996 Ardhana issue page 33.