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Boundless Space

It is when you begin to feel in your heart that you are boundless space that something begins to happen. As you feel yourself as boundless space, all your stuff begins to drop away. Yet you do not affirm to yourself that you are boundless space. You merely observe, you watch, you become the witness. You look out at the world and you see that the trees, the mountains, the planets, are all hanging in space. And you begin to consider that your body, what appears to be your body, is like the trees, and the moon, and the sun. It seems to be a thing of itself, and it is also hanging in boundless space.

Because you are able to observe this and see this and feel this, the realization will come to you that you must be this boundless space, which your body and your mind and the rest of the things of this world are attached to. As you begin to consider this, the mind becomes quieter and quieter and quieter, until the day comes when it falls away completely. Then you become boundless space. And yet you appear to be a body also. This is a paradox. This is why it's better to sit in the silence and not talk at all.

Teachings of Robert Adams a disciple of Sri Ramana Maharshi. Source - The Mountain Path - 1993 - Aradhana Issue page 26