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Karkkadothi Goddess – Theyyam

Karkkadothi Goddess arrives to remove evil eye, curse, evil spirits possessing pe0ple and such other maladies. In local parlance Karkkodothi remove eethibadas and aadivyadikal. She is known as an oorvara devata. As per some traditions, Karkkadothi is associated with Goddess Parvati.

Vannan community arrives in Karkkadothi theyyam on the 28th day of Karkidaka Masam.

Karkkadothi theyyam is very popular in Kannur district in North Kerala.

Apart from Karkkadothi, Aadi and Vedan Theyyams also arrive during monsoon at homes especially in the month of Karkidakam to alleviate evil and all kinds of diseases that appear during monsoon. Aadi is Goddess Parvati and Vedan is Shiva.

Apart from these theyyams some of the other popular Karkidakam month theyyams are Kothamoori, Uchaar Pottan and various kinds of Mari Theyyam.