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Thanam – Worship Place In North Kerala

Thanam is an important place of worship in North Kerala. This type of worship place is mainly associated with lower caste people. It is believed that Sthanam became Thanam.

There is no daily puja or daily offering in these types of worship places. Aivar, Puli, Sri Kurumba, Padar, Kulangara Bhagavathi etc are worshipped in the Thanams.

The worship place is developed usually around sacred trees like Chembakam, pala, noolu, plavu (jackfruit tree), Kanjiram etc.

There is no permanent murti (vigraham or bhimbam) in the Thanam worship place. There will only be a platform or sacred stone in the place of worship.

Today some Thanams have a small sanctum sanctorum.

Thanams are usually known after a particular caste thus there are Theeyar Thanam, Kollar Thanam, Thattar Thanam, Mooshari Thanam, Moyar Thanam, Ashari Thanam, Koshavar Thanam etc.

It is believed that Theeyars have 18 Thanams in Tulu Nadu.

Kaliyattam ritual is observed annually in important Thanams.

Important pujas are held during Sankranti, Vishu, Pathamudayam etc.