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The Highest Teaching Is Silence

The highest teaching in the world is Silence.

There is nothing higher than this. A devotee who sits with a sage purifies his mind just by being with the sage. The mind automatically becomes purified. No words exchanged, no words said. Silence is the ultimate reality. Everything exists in this world through Silence.

True silence really means going deep within yourself to that place where nothing is happening, where you transcend time and space. You go into a brand new dimension of nothingness. That's where all the power is. That's your real home. That's where you really belong, in deep Silence where there is no good and bad, no one trying to achieve anything. Just being, pure being.

The only freedom you'll ever have is when you go deep into the Silence and you transcend, transmute the universe, your body and your affairs.

Teachings of Robert Adams a disciple of Sri Ramana Maharshi. Source - The Mountain Path - 1993 - Aradhana Issue page 25