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Spiritual Progress Is Not Easily Seen

Sri Ramana Maharshi points out that spiritual progress is not easily seen or noticed.

Question: We have travelled far and wide in search of Enlightenment. How can we get it?

Sri Ramana Maharshi: Through deep enquiry and constant meditation.

Question: Many people do meditate in the West but show no signs of progress.

Maharshi: How do you know that they don't make progress? Spiritual progress is not easily discernible.

Question: A few years ago I got some glimpses of the Bliss but in the years that followed I lost it again. Then last year I again got it. Why is that?

Maharshi: You lost it because your meditation had not become natural (sahaja). When you become habitually inturned the enjoyment of spiritual beatitude becomes a normal experience.

Question: Might it be due to the lack of a Guru?

Maharshi: Yes, But the Guru is within. That Guru who is within is identical with your Self.

Question: What is the way to God realisation?

Maharshi: Vichara, asking yourself Who am I' — enquiry into the nature of your Self.

Question: What is the best way to attain Godhood?

Maharshi: Self-enquiry leads to Self - Realisation.

Hurst : Is it possible to develop along the path of the Spirit while leading a life of work?

Maharshi : There is no conflict between work and wisdom. On the contrary, selfless work paves the way to Self knowledge.

Question: Does the Maharshi know whether an Avatar already exists in the physical body?

Maharshi: Everyone is an Avatar of God. Buddha, Krishna, all are in you. One who knows the Truth sees everyone else as a manifestation of God.