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Shiva Parvati Statue At Home Benefits

Shiva Parvati murti (statue or idol) is considered highly auspicious and meritorious. It is usually kept by people in the puja room or in the north or northeast part of the house. Here are the benefits of Shiva Parvati statue at home.

Shiva Parvati statue for home should be made of bronze, brass, gold, marble, granite, silver, copper, clay or ashtadhatu (eight metal combinations). One should never use Shiva Parvati statue made of plaster of paris (POP) or plastic.

The most important benefit of Shiva Parvati statue in home is that the home will be blessed with peace and prosperity. There will good relationship between husband and wife.

The statue is also kept for keeping out negative forces and evil eye from house.

It is believed that the combined murti of Shiva Parvati will help in keeping out diseases from home.

It is also good for those facing problems related to horoscope.

If you are doing puja to the murti of Shiva Parvati then it should begin on Monday.