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Karnayakshi – Hindu Goddess Who Tells Future To Worshippers

Karnayakshi is a Hindu goddess mentioned in Tantric texts. She comes under the class of yakshi or yakshini. It is believed that Karnayakshi will tell past, present and future in the ears of her devotees. Karna here means ears. She is thus associated with future prediction.

She is also known by the names of Karnapishachini and Karnapishach. The methods of worshipping the goddess are eerie and spooky. The vrat and prayers are performed in a burial ground or atop a dead body. It is also performed by the performed lying in Savasana yoga posture. The mantra is to be chanted 100,000 times. Apart from this the performer also has to do homa with 10,000 uru konnachamata tree.

How to worship Goddess Karnayakshi is mentioned in Mantrika Tantram. The mantra to invoke and pray to her is also mentioned in the same text.

The mantra of karnayakshi is ‘Om Hreem Karnapishachini karne kathaya swaha.’

As per tantric text Kakshapudam, the goddess can be propitiated in 21 days with unwavering devotion. When pleased, the goddess will tell in the ears of her devotee, past, present and future. It is also said that she will provide her devotee daily with 25 gold coins.

It is said that it is very easy to propitiate Goddess Karnayakshi in Kali Yuga.

It is also warned a devotee should not initiate puja or mantra of the Goddess without proper instruction from a Guru.