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Divya Sadhaka – Advanced Spiritual Aspirant In Tantra

Divya Sadhaka is a spiritual aspirant at an advanced stage in Tantra tradition. Divya in Sanskrit means extraordinary. In the tradition of Tantra, a particular class of aspirants at an advanced stage and of superior understanding is called divya sadhakas.

In Shakti Sangama Tantra (V.48-50) names of various schools of Tantra are mentioned, e.g. Divya, Kaula, Vamamarga, Vilasa and so on. The Divya School is divided into two types, namely, Bhava Divya and Kriya Divya. The former have bhava (superior attitude), while the latter have kriya (superior behavior).

There are three main subdivisions of aspirants of Tantra, according to the deity worshipped. They are Shakta, Shaiva and Vaishnava. Each one of them is further divided into sub-classes. The Shaktas are worshipers of various forms of Goddess Shakti. The sub-classes of this school are – Kaula, Samaya, Pashu, Vira and Divya. The aspirants of the Divya class are supposed to be the highest type among all the aspirants of Tantra.

The nature of a divya sadhaka is described in Kamakhya Tantra (IV. 44-46) as follows:

“He is very pleasing person, composed, peaceful, yet fearless. His mid is always full of satisfaction. A man of few words, having a mind which is always steady. Devoted to the guru, being knowledgeable, he removes all evil through his speech.”

Although the divya sadhakas worship Shakti like all other Shaktas, they do not take madya (liquor), mamsa (meat), matsya (fish), and mudra (parched grain) or indulge in maithuna (sex). They are the ones who transcend the worldly need. Divya sadhakas are very highly spoken of in Yogini Tantra (VI.23).