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Carefulness Or Samiti In Jainism

Samiti (carefulness) in Jainism are five-fold in nature. It is the action of body, speech and mind that produce subtle karma which cause bondage to the jiva. For breaking the cycle of karma, the jiva is required to take up different types of ethical regulations. These include the different kinds of samiti-s (carefulness0, gupti-s (restraint), yati-dharma (observance), bhavana-s (reflections), pariksha-s (overcoming troubles) and caritra (conduct).

Jaina monks practice extreme carefulness in walking, speaking, receiving alms and the like. Samiti refers to the voluntary movement of the jiva in perfect accordance with the knowledge texts. These samiti-s are five fold in nature:

Iraya samiti – Refers to cautious and careful walking so as not to harm any being, not even a one-sensed organism. This principle is in accordance with the strict vow of ahimsa.

Bhasma samiti – This aspect has reference to extreme carefulness in speech. One should engage in pleasant talk and avoid abusive speech.

Esana samiti – Refers to dietetic regulations for the monks of the order.

Addannikshepa samiti – This rule has reference to the use of objects and the handling of them. There are also regulations concerning the robes of the ascetics.

Parisetapanna samiti – This samiti refers to personal hygiene and cleanliness.