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King Of Kanyakubja Learns The Existence Of Hanuman The Hard Way

King Kumarpala of Kanyakubja doubted the existence of Hanuman and decided to take away the 4400 villages gifted to the learned people of the region. The people were gifted the tax free villages by Lord Rama and Hanuman was the witness.

Kumarpala of Kanyakubja was corrupted by haters of Sanatana Dharma. He demanded proof of Hanuman and Lord Rama.

The villagers set out to find Hanuman who was a chiranjeevi – who still roamed the earth. They knew he would appear before them in one form or the other.

The group of villagers that moved towards the southern direction came across an ascetic who discouraged them saying that he had walked and searched for Hanuman all over Bharatavarsha and he did not find anyone remotely resembling Hanuman.

But the villagers decided not to lose hope and continued their quest for Hanuman.

The next day another ascetic came to the group and again discouraged the group. He told them that the tales of Hanuman were fake stories and Hanuman never existed.

Now a villager grew suspicious of the ascetic and asked him why you are discouraging us by appearing in different forms. The villager grew even more suspicious and asked are you Hanuman testing our devotion and will power.

Soon the ascetic laughed and transformed into Hanuman.

The villagers were happy to see the spectacular form of Hanuman. Tears flowed from the eyes of the villagers. After praying to Hanuman, the villagers told them about their difficulty.

Hanuman already knew about the problem and had thought of a solution.

Hanuman took out some hair from his right armpit and put it in a red color pouch. He then took out some hair from the left armpit and put it in a green color pouch.

He gave the pouch the villagers and told them to return to their kingdom and ask the king to give them back their villages. If he did not give the villages back, then throw the contents of the green color pouch in the palace and run out. When the king repents and ask for forgiveness they should throw down the contents of the red color pouch.

Hanuman then broke a big chunk of a mountain and flattened it. He asked them to take rest on the flattened rock. The tired villagers dozed off soon and they were airlifted by Hanuman to Kanyakubja.

When the villagers woke up they realized they were in Kanyakubja with the help of Hanuman. They offered their prayers to Hanuman and proceeded to the palace.

When the villagers told about their meeting with Hanuman, the king scoffed at them and told them to stop making more fake stories.

Left with no option, the villagers threw the contents of the green pouch in the palace and ran out. Soon the entire palace was on fire. All the people in the palace were trapped inside. The queen and the children of the king could not come out of the ball of fire.

The king realized his mistake and ran towards the villagers. He asked them for forgiveness. He was full of remorse and repentance.

The villagers immediately threw the contents of the red color pouch on to the ground.
The fire died out instantly and the palace was restored to its original glory. Not a scratch happened to the people inside the palace.

The king was full of remorse and repentance.

The king threw out all the evil advisors and became a devotee of Rama and Hanuman.