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Dasi Jivan – Gujarati Saint – Poet and Devotee Of Sri Krishna

Dasi Jivan considered himself an incarnation of Radha, the beloved of Krishna and is known by the feminine name of ‘Dasi Jivan.’ The bhajans of the saint poet are famous throughout Gujarat and Saurashtra. In his poetry, Dasi Jivan has depicted the love and devotion of Krishna, in such sweet language, that he is also known as the ‘Mirabai of Saurashtra.’

Personal Life Of Dasi Jivan

Dasi Jivan was born in the village of Ghoghavadar in the erstwhile Gondal state in 1750 CE. His father, Jaga Dafada, and mother, Samabai, were both worshippers of Krishna. So, even from his childhood, Dasi Jivan developed a love for Krishna.

Search Of Guru By Dasi Jivan

In his wanderings, he came in contact with 17 gurus, one after the other. However, his thirst for spiritual knowledge remained unsaturated. At last, in village Amran, he found a guru in Bhim Saheb,who belonged to the Ravi Bhana Sampradaya, a religious sect.

At the first meeting, Dasi Jivan is said to have asked a pointed question, “O guru! How is that my mind is selfish and passionate and never thinks of the right thing?” The Guru replied: “O Jivan! Keep your mind and soul in the inner place where God stays, where the divine light burns and illumines everything.” According to the legend, the light of knowledge then began to shine within Dasi Jivan’s heart.

The Bhajan singers of Gujarat and Saurashtra sing Dasi Jivan’s bhajans which number 170.

Dasi Shvia left the world, at the call of his master Rama, as his followers believe in 1825 CE in Ghoghavadar, where a temple has been built around his Samadhi.

A poem of Dasi Jivan

This body is like a shop,
How can I sit there without the consent, of my Rama.
As my Rama calls Me, I have to go, and leave behind my shop