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Story Of Shikhandini To Shikhandi And Yaksha

Before the birth of Draupadi, Drupada had an offspring called Shikhandini. The story of female Shikhandini becoming Shikhandi is associated with the sacrifice of a yaksha.

Though a girl, Shikhandini, was brought up like a boy. The child was clothed as boy and given all kinds of education that boys received during that age.

In due course of time, Shikhandini married the daughter of the king Dasarna. But soon it was discovered by the newly married bride that her husband was a woman. Ashamed and embarrassed, Shikhandini entered the forest to commit suicide.

In the forest, she met a Yaksha, a semi-divine being. He took pity on her and exchanged his masculinity with her.

Thus Shikhandini became Shikhandi. But still he detained femininity.