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What is Kalabhabhishekam In Hindu Temples In Kerala?

Kalabhabhishekam is a unique ritual performed in Hindu temples in Kerala. In the ritual various auspicious puja items are poured on the murti or vigraham worshipped in the sanctum sanctorum of the temple. Kalabhabhishekam is performed in Bhagavathi temples, Vishnu temples and Shiva temples. All most all temple including Murugan, Ganapathi, Sastha and Ayyappa temples perform Kalabhabhishekam today.

In the ritual, Chandan is mixed like loose dough in Panineer (fragrant liquid). To this raw karpur (pacha karpooram), Kumkumapoovu, Akil, Guggulu, Manchi, Kottam, Ramacham and Eruveli are added. This paste is transformed into a pot or kalasham.

Pujas are performed to the paste in the kalasham and this is then poured on the main murti in the temple.

It is believed that having darshan of a murti after Kalabhabhishekam is highly meritorious.

At Sabarimala Temple, Kalabhabhishekam is annually performed to reduce the heat on the deity in the sanctum due to ghee offering or neyyabhishekam.

Some devotees conduct Kalabhabhishekam in temples for early cure from diseases related to heat.