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Dreaming Of Explosion And Fire – Meaning

Dreaming of explosion and fire is a bad dream as per dream interpretation and meaning. It means accidents in life in near future. It is a warning. You need to be careful while using vehicles and you need to be extremely cautious with fire related things like gas cylinder etc.

Dreaming of you inside an explosion or fire means you will have to face physical challenges. You might get injured while saving someone.

Dream of you running away from explosion or fire is a sign that you need to change your attitude. It also means you are being too negative. It also means you are taking too many unwanted risks.

Dreaming of explosion with other people inside it means accidents or death in family. It also means trouble to friends or relatives.

Dreaming of people putting out fire or you helping means you will find ways to overcome a life issue with the help of others.

Dream of you single handedly trying to put out fire or explosion means you will show courage to taken on a bully or abuser.