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Song From Raga Asa – Sant Kabir

My body is a dye-tub:
I will dye my heart with purity.
the five virtues
will be my wedding guests,
and I will walk
around the fire with Ram Rai
my souls suffused with His color.

Sing, sing O maidens, songs of marriage:
Ram, my husband, has come to my house.

In the lotus of my breath
I have planted the marriage canopy;
divine wisdom
is my marriage mantra
Ram Rai has become
my husband:
great has been my luck.
wise men, saints, and ascetics
came to my marriage
in three million
three hundred thousand chariots.
Kabir says, “The one divine Bhagwan
has taken me away in marriage.”

Song number 24 in Raga Asa – Sant Kabir