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Story - Demon Vidunga Got Salvation Listening To Shiva Purana

Demon Vidunga lived in the Vindhyas and he was undergoing numerous troubles. Mother Goddess Parvati felt pity on the demon and asked Tumburu, a Gandharva, to chant chapters from the Shiva Purana to the demon. Tumburu and Chanchula, an attendant of Goddess Parvati and wife of the demon, went to the Vindhyas and found the demon to be horrible and terrible. The demon possessed a huge body and used to laugh, weep and jump. His appearance too was horrible. Tumburu tied the demon with strong rope and narrated to him the sacred Shiva Purana. Thousands of saints, seers and people too assembled to hear the Purana. Having heard the scared purana, the demon attained salvation and dropped his demonic existence. He assumed a divine form. Shiva who came to know about the incident gave a respectable place to Vidunga among His attendants.

Hinduism Core Teachings On Peace In Life And Society

What is the single most effective way to secure peace in society, peace in the world? To develop a sense of oneness with one another. We are all essentially divine. When we remember this inherent divinity present in everyone, we begin to see others with respect and love and that is the end of all quarrels and dissension. Social harmony comes when we discover our underlying unity. There are various ways to unity but the best is to realize our divinity which is equally present in everyone. Feeling one with one another at the level of atman is what provides a solid foundation for lasting sense of solidarity and the resultant happiness. Our Rishis valued wisdom or deep understanding of life. They rightly recognized that unless good sense prevails upon the people, peace and harmony will remain a distant dream. Hence they fervently prayed for proper intelligence, so that men may not resort to violence. True intelligence is that which leads to understanding the fact that coexisten