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How Can I Stop Taking Things Personally?

You start to take things personally when your ego is hurt. When things do not go in the way you want it to happen, you take it personally. This can result in emotional and relationship issues. So, how can I stop taking things personally?

The false ego that you have inflated is constantly bothered about what other people think about you. You should stop caring what other people think about you. You should not give value to the personal opinions of strangers and acquaintances. You should give more importance to what you think about yourself. An honest evaluation of oneself is more important than random comments and opinion of strangers.

Know who you are and always be what you are. Know your self-worth. Develop self-confidence and be confident of what you are. This will help you personally and professionally. But when you keep changing as per the needs of the crowd you will run into trouble. Then you are not yourself but you are a puppet in the hands of other people.

Majority of the people in our society are failed people. They do not have dreams. They have failed to follow their dreams. They are now just floating without any aim. Such people make comments about you. They are unhappy that you are strongly following your dreams. They want you to fail so they keep on making negative comments. Stop bothering about such people’s comments. They are making conclusions about you based on them. They are living in a failed world and just want to push you into it.

Every day you are not going to meet good people. Mostly you will be coming across people with selfish and hidden motives. They are only going to create bad situations and give painful experiences. Therefore, we need to just allow things to move on. Instead of holding on to and giving importance to such people, we need to move towards happiness and joy. When you are bored with a channel, we skip it. Skip people who bring no joy or love to our life.

Stop gossiping and wasting time by talking to people about unwanted things. This is when we get to hear about news and judgments about us. Have a proper schedule – use the leisure time to enrich your life. Have a good hobby.  

When someone mocks at you or is cruel to you, do not go on the defensive. Do not attack them or surrender before them. Think of them as toxic fumes and move away at the earliest opportunity. Wash of the toxic fumes and move ahead boldly.

What do you do when some dirt splashes on your clothes and body while walking? You immediately go home, change clothes and take bath. Negative words and opinion of others are like dirt splash. You need to get it out at the earliest otherwise it will start to stink.

We should also not give too much importance to the good opinion of others. This creates a bad habit of looking at others always for appreciation. When we do not get the right opinion, we are saddened. Just like negative opinions, we should also learn to ignore the good opinions and concentrate on our work.