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Hindu Stories - Vishnu Badrinath And Lakshmi Badari Tree

Badrinath is one among the several names of Lord Vishnu and it is associated with the Badari Tree (Ber, Jujube, Indian plum). The story as to how Vishnu got the name Badrinath is associated with Goddess Lakshmi.

At Badrinath Temple in Uttarakhand, Bhagvan Srihari Vishnu is doing penance. It is said that once Sage Narada rebuked Vishnu for indulging in world pleasures. The Lord then decided to do penance at Badrinath. Thus at Badrinath Temple, Bhagvan Vishnu is worshiped in the meditation posture.

On seeing Vishnu doing penance in open harsh conditions in the Himalayas, Goddess Lakshmi took the form of a Badari Tree and gave protection from the adverse weather.

After this divine incident, the place got the name Badrinath and Vishnu the name Badari Narayan.

The murti of Vishnu worshipped is carved out of Shaligram stone. Badari Narayan is seen under the Badari tree, flanked by Kuber and Garuda, Sage Narada, Narayan and Nar.