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Hindu Values - Common Values To Be Followed By Hindus

Sanatana Dharma (Hinduism / Hindu Religion) lays down a set of common disciplines for all Hindus, despite their bodily or inner differences. The common values to be followed by Hindus are:

  • Non-hurting (physically and through words, action an deeds)
  • Non-killing (avoid himsa of all kinds)
  • Truthfulness (not just uttering truth but also being truthful to oneself)
  • Non-stealing (coveting anything animate or inanimate that does not belong to one)
  • Cleanliness (internal and external)
  • Sensory Control (control of the senses)
These are the common disciplines and values meant for all categories of people.

Hindu scriptures are filled with stories about the above said six values. Upanishads lays great emphasis on sense control. The futility of war, enmity, hostility and hatred are explained in the epics.