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Why Khatu Shyam is known as Teen Ban Dari?

Khatu Shyam, also known as Teen Ban Dari, was the son of Ghatotkacha and Kamkantakata in the Mahabharata. Ghototkachch, was the son of Bhima, the second of Pandava brothers. Khatu Shyam willingly gave his head in charity to Lord Krishna before the Mahabharata war. It is said that the head of Khatu Shyam was placed atop a hill near the Kurukshetra and it watched the entire Mahabharata war from there.

Legend has it that when the Kurukshetra war was about to begin, Khatu Shyam approached Lord Krishna and told him that he can finish the entire war in teen ban (three arrows).

But Khatu Shyam put the condition that he will only join the army which will be losing the battle.

Therefore Lord Krishna was forced to ask for his head in charity.

As Khatu Shyam was a fierce warrior he is also known as Teen Ban Dari.

Khatu Shyam is a very popular deity in Rajasthan and nearby regions.