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On The Light Of God – Dadi Janki

God has so many beautiful qualities: peace, joy, love, purity, strength, truth… I have always wanted to have the same attributes in my own life; however, despite my devotion to God for all those years, those qualities were difficult to cultivate, and instead I harbored a lot of fear, attachment, and worry.

Yet, as soon as I had that moment of recognition, as soon as I said, “God, I belong to you,” it was as if those godly qualities started to emerge within me and my negative tendencies began to leave – I simply no longer claimed ownership of them.

When I talk about seeing the Light of God, I do not mean seeing a flash of light. When the third eye of wisdom opens, it is also called light – the light of knowledge and the light of understanding. That light allowed me to remember – that is, to recognize – my own true self and my own true parent.

Experiencing the light of God means having a sense of recognition – something inside you shifts. An understanding from deep within begins to surface….it is as if a hidden memory has been awakened and you are flooded with the recognition of who you really are and what God really is. In that moment of recognition, you no longer connect to the lower consciousness of yourself as a body, and with that disconnection, that release, you, too, become light.

Source – Book titled “Feeling Great: Creating a Life of Optimism, Enthusiasm and Contentment. page 3 - 4.