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Maha Mrityunjaya Ashtothram – Rare Shiva Prayer To Cure Life Threatening Diseases

Maha Mrityunjaya Ashtothram is a very rare prayer dedicated to Lord Shiva. Also known as Sri Mrutyunjaya Ashtottaram – Namavali, the prayer contains the 108 names of Lord Shiva associated with Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra.

The main benefit of chanting the prayer is escape from fear of death. It is chanted by those people who are facing serious life threatening illness.

The mantra should be chanted during the pradosh period (1.5 hours before sunset).

The person chanting the mantra should do intense meditation in such a way that the person should be able to visualize the light of Shiva in all animate and inanimate.

The mantra should be chanted daily or on all Mondays.