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Sravani In Hinduism

Sravani in Hinduism is the annual ceremony for spiritual renewal. It is a ritual observed on purnima (full moon day) of the month of Shravan (July – August). Sravani is observed by the Brahmins, Kshatriyas and Vaishyas.

Brahmacharis (celebates), grihastha (householders) and those in vanaprastha stage of life are entitled to perform this ritual. Those desirous of pursuing acquisition of knowledge are required to perform Sravani every year.

On the day of Sravani, one goes to river or a water body and offers prayers to tirtha (places of pilgrimage) for the removal of sins or subsidiary sins.

After Shastric recitation, one takes a bath facing the flow of water and makes offerings to ancestors. Thereafter, worship of Saptarishi (seven sages), along with that of Gautama, Bharadvaja, Vishwamitra, Jamadagni, Vasishta, Kashyapa ad Atri, at an appropriate place is performed.

Then the Gayatri mantra is recited ten times. The wearing of the yajnopavita, the sacred thread, follows this. The performers of the Sravani rituals take food mixed with sesame and curd.